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         After 30 years in the building material business, Lyle changed careers and now develops custom business software at home - leaving the 25 mile commute to Portland to the many others.  We have always had Standard Australian Shepherds and they traveled coast to coast with me going to horse shows from April to October. I even had the haul’n rig set up so the dogs could ride high enough to help me drive and keep me company. This whole idea of Toy Aussies came about when I saw my first Toy Aussie – I knew right then when my old dogs were gone to the Rainbow Bridge the Toy Aussie  would be my next dog. Six years passed and my old Rockie had cancer, so I started to look for the Toy Aussies but I had no idea where to find them.  Later I learned they were in the back yards of small breeders and not well recognized or respected. I found a Mentor and spent the better part of a year learning about the bloodlines and the breed. I found the style of dog that I liked and kept an eye out for that special dog, I knew when I found it I would know. 
          Well, I found him while on a trip with my Mentor and fell in love immediately with a very thin tiny black tri male (I had been looking for a Blue merle female). That dog was Mr. Pickle, the love of my life. I didn’t buy him to breed but from looking at many dogs with my mentor I had noticed that the Toy’s were a pitiful lot. They were being bred for size only and not much thought was going into their structure and temperament. I decided I would try to breed and show the best Toy Aussies in the country. (Easier thought than done). It took lots of looking and a little luck before I found two nice bitches; Lyle bought them for my Birthday. The only reference I had to the conformation was horse knowledge. I had studied Form to function a lot in the horse world (past life). Well I got by with that for a start but soon learned that there is so much to learn, I have since been to all the clinics on form to function in dogs and find that the horse information is for the most part applicable to dogs. I went right from showing horses to showing my dogs, believing that the only way to better the breed is to get the dogs judged by a trained eye. I found a new mentor that showed me the ropes and gave me more knowledge than I could absorb at times. Thank heavens for friends

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             The dogs are all raised under foot in our home, and the pups are handled from birth. I started with a breeding plan about 14 yrs ago and have continued down the path toward the ultimate allusive goal… to Breed Toy Aussies with Standard Aussie (Type), the Toy’s written standard is very close to the Standard Aussie’s. I have breeding program that is a work in progress, but I have a clear goal in mind. Every breeding is planned and well thought out with the betterment of the breed being the goal.  I breed to further my genetic infrastructure and in doing this some awful good Toys have found their way to their forever homes in the laps and hearts as beloved companions. Some are being shown and have proven their worth as a contributor to the gene pool, other young ethical breeders are beginning to work together with a common Goal in mind.  The Toy Aussie’s have all the same instincts as the Standard and Miniature Australian Shepherds. They come in all the beautiful Aussie colors.  Lets go to the Kennel and see some.   Where ……….We are located about 25 miles south and east of Portland Oregon and about 40 minutes from the Portland International Airport.  Hope to see you... until then please enjoy my website!
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      Welcome to our home, it sits nestled in the foot hills of Mt Hood in the  small community of Mulino -Spanish for “Mill".The town was named after the first flour mill in the Willamette valley at the end of the Oregon Trail. Lyle and I have been in this community for 20 years and raised our kids here. I am a former horse trainer who spent the better part of 25 years trying to tear up my body but now I spend most days trying to figure out how to put it back together. I retired from the horses.
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Ruth Vanderhoof
15001 S Howard's Mill Road   -   Mulino, Oregon 97042
Phone 503.829.5870 or Kathleen 503-803-1930

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Mulino, Oregon
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Ruth Vanderhoof
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